Advertising and Product Specialists



I am a product and advertising photography specialist with over 6 years working experience. During that time, I’ve produced imagery for a long list of talented creators, designers and business owners around the UK and abroad. 

Having great imagery for your business is increasingly important nowadays and that’s why I love to use photography to help my clients realise their potential. I also focus on having a good dialogue and personal understanding with my clients, as this enables imagery that will complement your style, your creative vision, and represent the project you love in the best way possible. 

So, whether you need imagery for advertising, e-commerce, exhibition or social media, get in touch and take your business to the next level. 


Note: All advertising copy has been removed from the images on this site to honour the copyright of individual agencies or makers.  

Robert Dascenzo is a joint owner of In Reverie Photography, an exhibiting fine art photographer, and an educator with almost 10 years of classroom and E-Learning experience.