Lian and Greg

Beautifully remote and fantastically well presented, Prestwold Hall provided a perfect back drop for Lian and Greg’s special day and it also presented lots of wonderful photo opportunities. We love it when couples have a special reason for choosing their wedding venue and ,on this occasion, the fact that Lian had been visiting the Hall since a little girl and that her father actually used to work there leant a special poignancy and homely feeling to the day.

In fact, this wedding was tremendous fun and, although there was a danger that Angus, the adorable Westie, dressed in his finest dinnerware might steal the show, Lian and Greg’s heartfelt and intimate ceremony, the great comic speeches and moving first dance are what dominate our memories of that gentle Autumn day. 

Thanks very much for sharing your day with us, Lian and Greg! We hope that your photographs bring back the excitement and the emotions of the day for many years to come. 

Georgia and Simone

Although Giorgia and Simone both live in the UK, it was perfectly natural that they’d want to head back to the sunshine and sophistication of Northern Italy for a truly beautiful wedding celebration.  On the day itself the weather was glorious and a grand old Venetian villa provided a backdrop to match. We arrived early to photograph the venue -after capturing the morning preparations- and everything was set for a wonderful occasion.

There were many highlights which we enjoyed photographing throughout the day, one of which was certainly Giorgia and her father’s glamorous arrival in a luxurious black car. It was like something from a movie.  Another thing which added an extra-special touch was the fact the celebrant was one of Simone’s best friends. It made the ceremony so personal and you could tell the couple were totally at ease in such familiar company.

Interacting with all the wedding party and getting portraits of guests using a mishmash of Italian, English and Spanish was also a fantastic experience and we really enjoyed photographing this event. The couple shoot after the ceremony was a breeze because the newlyweds looked like models and their happiness shone through in the photographs.

All in all this was day-long celebration that had it everything and we left in absolutely no doubt that the Venetians and Paduans really know how to celebrate in style. 

We truly hope you enjoy the photographs, Giorgia and Simone, and thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of that special event.

E state un vero piacere! 

Eunice and Adiel

It's not every day that you get the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean and photograph such a romantic wedding on a white sand beach. We knew we definitely had to shoot their special day from the moment Eunice and Adiel told us of their plans to marry there.  

The beach itself was just a short distance from the wonderful colonial centre of Santa Marta and, after scouting out the location in advance to check lighting, backgrounds and practicalities, we knew that we were in paradise. However, what was even more special than the location was the deep bond and togetherness shown by Eunice, Adiel and their families. It was really wonderful to see all of the family members coming to gather to create a genuinely hand- and home-made wedding. From the meal and decorations to the cake, flower arrangements and bouquet, the family and friends did it all; and it looked fantastic. 

As a little break from tradition, the groom also did a bouquet toss for all the single male guests. The beach style Photo Booth also went down a treat as well, too, with the couple themselves even stopping by for a few pictures. 

It was definitely a day to remember. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us, Eunice and Adiel! We hope you enjoy the photos and have a long, happy marriage! 

Que vivan los esposos!

Carla and Nick

Carla and Nick clearly enjoyed their own night a lot. Such dancing, smiling and laughing throughout the whole of their wonderful day: it was a delight to photography them and to see them so happy. As the speeches and animations explained, all this love and joy go off to a challenging start, as Nick’s work obligations took him to the Czech Republic during the early stages of their budding romance and they had to do ‘the long distance thing’. Well, we guess it just goes to prove that if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be no matter the circumstances.

The photographic display that the couple had created to show everyone their story and adventures together was really interesting (and these two have had A LOT of adventures in pretty much every part of the planet). Carla and Nick are clearly a couple who appreciate visual arts and the importance of photography as both a treasure trove of memories and a powerful story book, so we really hope that they find many happy memories captured within each photograph.

And on a bit of a side note: wow, what a wedding cake! If you’ve never experienced a Filipino Ube cake before, we really recommend that you do so.

Ang lahat ng aming maligayang pagbati!

Mauro and Jesper

A trip over to Viking country to photograph the wedding of Mauro and Jesper was certainly a fantastic, memorable experience for everyone involved. As we were in Denmark to take some engagement photos of the lovely couple, we were there for quite a few days, as we visited their special locations, the place they first kissed and even their family home, in order to capture some lovely moments before the big day.

On the wedding day itself, we were with them and taking pictures pretty much from the moment they woke up until the pianist’s final flourish died out at their favourite bar. As usual, we got to the venue early to take some photographs of the building and its interiors, and as we stood inside Copenhagen’s shining city hall we couldn’t wait for the ceremony and celebrations to begin.

This was a special wedding which blended together the traditional and the modern; the two grooms chose a vintage style top hat and suit, but the wedding made the most of modern technology, too. Family and friends who couldn’t make it in person we’re present not only in spirit but through Skype. Of course, we made sure that we got some nice photos with the grooms and their Skype guests, too, so no one was left out of the wedding album!

A big thanks to Mauro and Jesper for having us to photograph their special occasion and also for teaching us a little about Danish culture.

Mauro and Jesper, Skål!

Sarah and Simon

Sarah and Simon’s humanist wedding was a wonderfully personal tribute to their love and heartfelt honesty. Imagine yourself whisked away to the green, romantic heart of Ayrshire. Secluded castle with cosy open fires: check. The melodious drone of bagpipes greeting the arrivals: of course. Stuffed birds hidden away at the last minute so as not to creep out the bridal party: double check. 

It was really special to be there and to photograph their day. We were moved by Sarah and Simon's speeches which were filled with poignancy and comic touches, and it was a show of great personal warmth that the ceremonial music was performed by the bride’s sister and one of the groom’s men. Personally, we loved when Sarah and Simon's were singing to one another during the ceremony (see above)! Finally, the night was topped off with a high-energy cèilidh in which Sarah distinguish herself by dancing with the best of them in her beautiful, long wedding dress.

We left late in the night, memory cards filled with wonderful wedding photographs, hearts filled with the spirit of Caledonia and with the realisation that, with Simon as proof, some Englishmen can pull of wearing a kilt. 

Thanks for sharing your day with us, Sarah and Simon.

Meal do naidheachd!

Mandy and Chris

Having grown up together as childhood sweethearts, Mandy and Chris struck us as the very definition of closeness and the idea of soulmates. And so it was, up in the surprisingly hot north-east of England, their wedding took place inside an intimate medieval friary, filled with the closest friends and family. The medieval windows made for some dramatic lighting inside and a brilliant counterpoint to the photographs taken in the bright and airy courtyards outside.

The ceremony itself was wonderfully personal, hushed in tone. Chris and Mandy wrote their own vows and, you know, they came out so genuinely and tenderly that there were definitely even a few tough Geordie and Mackem eyes welling up. 

As Chris is a dedicated musician, the live music was unsurprisingly of high quality, with his bandmates even offering up their services to make the soundtrack of the day especially unique. In fact, the entire day was a very personal affair and Mandy was circulating the venue, conscientiously interacting with each and every guest to ensure that everyone was having a lovely time at both the ceremony and the theatre reception.

Unquestionably, it felt like a celebration of family and love; one which has already stood strong to the test of time. So a big, big thank you to Mandy and Chris for sharing that with us.