Carla and Nick

Carla and Nick clearly enjoyed their own night a lot. Such dancing, smiling and laughing throughout the whole of their wonderful day: it was a delight to photography them and to see them so happy. As the speeches and animations explained, all this love and joy go off to a challenging start, as Nick’s work obligations took him to the Czech Republic during the early stages of their budding romance and they had to do ‘the long distance thing’. Well, we guess it just goes to prove that if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be no matter the circumstances.

The photographic display that the couple had created to show everyone their story and adventures together was really interesting (and these two have had A LOT of adventures in pretty much every part of the planet). Carla and Nick are clearly a couple who appreciate visual arts and the importance of photography as both a treasure trove of memories and a powerful story book, so we really hope that they find many happy memories captured within each photograph.

And on a bit of a side note: wow, what a wedding cake! If you’ve never experienced a Filipino Ube cake before, we really recommend that you do so.

Ang lahat ng aming maligayang pagbati!