Eunice and Adiel

It's not every day that you get the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean and photograph such a romantic wedding on a white sand beach. We knew we definitely had to shoot their special day from the moment Eunice and Adiel told us of their plans to marry there.  

The beach itself was just a short distance from the wonderful colonial centre of Santa Marta and, after scouting out the location in advance to check lighting, backgrounds and practicalities, we knew that we were in paradise. However, what was even more special than the location was the deep bond and togetherness shown by Eunice, Adiel and their families. It was really wonderful to see all of the family members coming to gather to create a genuinely hand- and home-made wedding. From the meal and decorations to the cake, flower arrangements and bouquet, the family and friends did it all; and it looked fantastic. 

As a little break from tradition, the groom also did a bouquet toss for all the single male guests. The beach style Photo Booth also went down a treat as well, too, with the couple themselves even stopping by for a few pictures. 

It was definitely a day to remember. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us, Eunice and Adiel! We hope you enjoy the photos and have a long, happy marriage! 

Que vivan los esposos!