Mauro and Jesper

A trip over to Viking country to photograph the wedding of Mauro and Jesper was certainly a fantastic, memorable experience for everyone involved. As we were in Denmark to take some engagement photos of the lovely couple, we were there for quite a few days, as we visited their special locations, the place they first kissed and even their family home, in order to capture some lovely moments before the big day.

On the wedding day itself, we were with them and taking pictures pretty much from the moment they woke up until the pianist’s final flourish died out at their favourite bar. As usual, we got to the venue early to take some photographs of the building and its interiors, and as we stood inside Copenhagen’s shining city hall we couldn’t wait for the ceremony and celebrations to begin.

This was a special wedding which blended together the traditional and the modern; the two grooms chose a vintage style top hat and suit, but the wedding made the most of modern technology, too. Family and friends who couldn’t make it in person we’re present not only in spirit but through Skype. Of course, we made sure that we got some nice photos with the grooms and their Skype guests, too, so no one was left out of the wedding album!

A big thanks to Mauro and Jesper for having us to photograph their special occasion and also for teaching us a little about Danish culture.

Mauro and Jesper, Skål!