Mandy and Chris

Having grown up together as childhood sweethearts, Mandy and Chris struck us as the very definition of closeness and the idea of soulmates. And so it was, up in the surprisingly hot north-east of England, their wedding took place inside an intimate medieval friary, filled with the closest friends and family. The medieval windows made for some dramatic lighting inside and a brilliant counterpoint to the photographs taken in the bright and airy courtyards outside.

The ceremony itself was wonderfully personal, hushed in tone. Chris and Mandy wrote their own vows and, you know, they came out so genuinely and tenderly that there were definitely even a few tough Geordie and Mackem eyes welling up. 

As Chris is a dedicated musician, the live music was unsurprisingly of high quality, with his bandmates even offering up their services to make the soundtrack of the day especially unique. In fact, the entire day was a very personal affair and Mandy was circulating the venue, conscientiously interacting with each and every guest to ensure that everyone was having a lovely time at both the ceremony and the theatre reception.

Unquestionably, it felt like a celebration of family and love; one which has already stood strong to the test of time. So a big, big thank you to Mandy and Chris for sharing that with us.